Get Free of the Coolness Factor

Don’t let the coolness factor blind you from the next big thing hiding in plain sight. Chasing coolness is like chasing a stock: you’re always on the wrong side of the curve. It’s a Catch-22 situation that undervalues your worth as an individual (or as an organization) and what you have to offer. The social network is […]

What’s better than a well-written, well-delivered speech?

You have industry-leading ideas. Your company is in the forefront with its approach. Or you have a clear point of view on an issue that clients are struggling to overcome. It’s time to take your thoughts public and connect with your target audience.

Is Ghost Blogging Taboo?

To blog or not to blog? Surely a question considered by many chief executives. Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, adamantly believes that chief executives ought not to ever blog unless they write every word of it. Of course, that’s a decision for each chief executive to make. Given that some of the busiest […]

Employee communication starts with leaders

The leadership culture of a company and the way its policies are embodied communicate volumes to its employees. Management style, work environment, employee development, compensation, transparency – this is where true employee engagement begins. Any communications added on top either confirm and enhance what already exists or contradict and send mixed signals.

Conspicuous value makes the cash register ring

When a market segment is flooded with competitors, great customer service or a superior product experience is often the tiebreaker – even at a higher price point.  A product or service doesn’t have to be obviously innovative, either, to separate a consumer from her cash. If the service or product experience approaches flawlessness – relative to the competition […]